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Podcast 63 – Objectification / #Butts

ConSequential Podcast 63 - Objectification also butts I guess

Just like he kinetically charges his playing cards, Gambit sexually charges this chunky Scandinavian-style knitwear, courtesy of artist and comics-doer Dave Barker.

We’re joined in this episode by Hester Wells, the only guest we’ve ever had who has her own biographical comic that she didn’t draw herself (specificity, yo), to help us out with the thorny topic of objectification, particularly in mainstream comics.

This episode is groaning with comics, throbbing with intellectual discussion and glistening with salty language. Read On…

Podcast 37 – Queerness In Mainstream Comics

ConSequential Podcast 37 - Queerness in Mainstream Comics

While independent comics are a home for diverse creators and stories, the mainstream hasn’t dealt so well with representing a range of races, sexualities, viewpoints or much beyond white people hitting other white people.

We shout about this for a while. Maybe we figure out how to solve it? (SPOILERS: NO JUST YELLING)

Also: nitrous huffing teens! Lucy gets angry at Young Avengers! Sass! Read On…

Podcast Episode 16 – Myth (Part Two)

Podcast Episode 13 – Horror Comics

Horror Comics Podcast

There are a whole bunch of horror comics, and we help navigate you through some of the best of the last 50 years, stopping to define horror along the way and make off-colour jokes. Read On…

Podcast Episode 7 – Women and Comics

Podcast Episode 7

The whole monolithic business of comics hasn’t been especially great to women historically, and in recent weeks there’s been a flare up of tone deaf and flat-out stupid anti-woman statements from some of the biggest names in comics. What can we do? Have a bloody good moan, as it turns out. We also look over some recent releases. Read On…

Podcast Episode 5 – Non-Fiction Comics

Consequential Podcast Episode 5 - Non-Fiction Comics

This week we pile into non-fiction comics, looking at the huge range of high-quality biographical, journalistic or otherwise not-made-up comics on the shelves. Covering books on topics ranging from the invention of the Pot Noodle to life as a tall ship sailor via the battle of Crecy and prostitution and sickness in the 80s New York art scene, there’s going to be something to interest everyone, as they say on the Shopping Channel.

We also have some cross-generational strife about Kenickie and talk about why mimes are awful. This episode features a musical interlude from the pan pipe stylings of Lucy Boyes. Read On…

Podcast Episode 4: Big Weird Sci-Fi

In this episode we look at the massive surge of Big Weird Sci Fi in comics, have a faint stab at explaining what the hell we mean by that, take a look at some recent releases, and whether Dave would make it as a pimp. Onwards!

Podcast Episode 4 - Big Weird Sci Fi Read On…

Podcast Episode 3: What Comics Should You Give New Readers?

Episode 3 Comics For New Readers

This week we decide what the best books to introduce newcomers to comics. Handy stuff! Don’t worry though, because there’s petulance and swearing aplenty. And quite a lot of talk about That bit’s a little vile, so maybe jump forward a bit from about 20 minutes in if you’re a delicate sort. Smelling salts in hand, we press on. Read On…