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Podcast 45 – Gay Stuff (and cheese)



This week, Dave was off in the America doing a business travel, or gentrifying Portland or something. We’re not quite sure. Apparently there were food trucks.

This left Lucy and Roger to go feral in the best way they know: by eating an enormous fancy cheeseboard and talking about queer comics.

We delve into the origins of lesbian & gay cartooning, eat a “cute brie”, pontificate on structural inequalities, and feed Rogger his first Cheesestring.

That part ain’t pretty, but the rest is comics.

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Podcast 31 – The Wicked And The Divine

The Wicked And The Divine

This week we try to give you a Cliff’s Notes on mythology and a bit of a close reading of The Wicked and the Divine, and we would have got away with it too if it weren’t for those pesky booze-sodden minds. Read On…

Podcast Episode 30 – Best Comics of 2014

This One Summer – Jillian & Mariko Tamaki

Did you ever have a place you always went to on family holidays? Passing landmarks and well-worn jokes in an over-hot car on the way, running down to a beach, making a campfire like you always did, seeing those friends you somehow never wrote to in the autumn?

No, nor did I. Or at least, never quite. But it’s a powerful image. That familiar childhood holiday; lazy, comfortable little memories repeating in rose-tint, until this one summer.

This One Summer - gummy

I love that cadence. The tone of the title hits it spot on, and it’s carried through on the voice of the book – This One Summer, when…

When what, exactly? The lazy version would be “when childhood ended”, and plenty of coming-of-age reminiscence tales give us that. But This One Summer ducks the temptation, playing out instead the little heartaches and explorations of its childhood scenes against a more conventional drama. The big stuff, the sex and death stuff, happens around the protagonists, and we see it largely as they do, like some half-expected storm over the beach.

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Podcast Episode 19 – Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly - Podcast Episode 19

This week we look at Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios’ Pretty Deadly in depth, as well as the recently-reissued gay/civil-rights graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby. This week we were all sober. This week you might occasionally hear the crude verbal seepings of a mind come untethered from decency and reality. Read On…