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Podcast 44 – Architecture Part 2

Podcast 43 – Architecture

ConSequential Podcast 43 - Architecture

Buildings! Pretty great, huh? Personally, we all live in one. One each, this isn’t like Rainbow where we all live in our pyjamas and hang out with a sexually ambiguous hippo. If only. Comics and architecture are natural allies, buildings being where stuff often happens, and comics being images of stuff happening. But there’s more to it than that, and we look at some of the most interesting and informative takes on architecture in comics.

We also go into which each of our favourite metro systems are. Regular listeners will wonder what took us so long, frankly.

We apologise for the noisiness of this episode. Sometimes we just need our air really conditioned. Read On…

Podcast Episode 1 – Webcomics

WebcomicsIn our very first podcast, the gang wrestle with the thorny issue of whether webcomics are any good or not, as well as reflecting on their own ethnic homogeneity and whether Canada’s premier singer-songwriter went blind from indulging in a spot of the old crystal meth: Read On…