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Podcast 74 – Southern Gothic

Podcast 62 – Food

ConSequential Podcast Episode 62 - Food

Food! For most of us it’s a sludgy nutrient paste we shove into the front of our withered forms to stretch their existence out for another grim and grey span. But did you know it can also be delicious? It’s true! We found many comics on the topic, and now we’re sharing their wisdom with you. Read On…

Not My Bag

Not My Bag - Sina Grace closeup1

Appropriately for a book that is at least in part about the lure of luxury aesthetics, Not My Bag is a gorgeous piece of publishing deign. The endpapers are a grey marl like polished concrete, the print stock is thick, the type is clear and stylish – it’s beautiful  and it should probably have been a hardback.

In it, Sina Grace (Books with Pictures,  Lil’ Depressed Boy, and Cedric Hollows) recounts his days working in a department store, being sucked into its high-competition, high-fashion world, and going just slightly mad at the edges. It’s not quite Sad Comics, but it’s definitely black and white, slice of life, nodding to Blankets comics. That may not be a genre, but it’s certainly a recognizable package of styles.

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