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Podcast 46 – Comics Continuity (Where To Start With Marvel and DC)

ConSequential Podcast 46 - Comics Continuity

Do you want to get started reading the lycra-clad adventures that Marvel and DC peddle, but you’re put off by the huge gnarled continuity that has built up over the best part of a century? Batman, X-Men, Superman – all have accreted a vast mythology full of plot holes, reboots, crises many and various, but fear not – we’re here to help with some surefire techniques to get you past the initial confusion, and to make sure you find the good stuff. Read On…

Podcast Episode 21 – Music

ConSequential Podcast 21 - Music With The Wicked and the Divine out, we look at some other comics that touch on music, or have music at their core, as well as ranting about publishing and hearing about the time Dave nearly had a breakdown in a supermarket when Avril Lavigne came on the radio.

Read On…


iZombie It’s pretty rare for me to read an issue from the moment it starts right through to the end (a preference for trades over single issues and a lack of time tend to mean I’m always catching up), but Chris Robeson and Mike Allred’s iZombie somehow grabbed me and I stuck with it. It’s hard to describe without making it sound like sub-Buffy nonsense, but it concerns the lives of a bunch of monsters in Eugene, Oregon. The central conceit (that Gwen, the main character, eats the brains of the dead and solves unresolved issues relating to their deaths) is abandoned early on for a more freeform structure, giving focus to the full cast of characters and paying more attention to the arc.

I’ve been a sucker for Allred’s artwork since I first encountered him on X-Statix. Robeson’s plots are pacey, leave a lot of dangling threads, and introduce enough new weirdness to keep a reader hooked. Sadly, after he left DC Comics over his criticism of their treatment of writers and artists, the series had to be wrapped up in a hurry, and all those dangling plot threads were shoved into a final 7-8 issues at a pace that couldn’t really support them all. It’s a shame because while the series was never brilliant, it was always a lot of fun, and it would have been good to see it wrapped up at the pace at which it was intended. Hopefully Roberson’s experience and the recent changing of the guard won’t stop people from creating great things at DC / Vertigo.