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Podcast 39 – Shame Revisited

ConSequential Podcast 39 - Eating Our Shame

We return, having read those classics of the comics canon that we had shamefully missed out on, deliver our reports, and discuss whether a critical canon is even a useful thing.

Also: find out our thoughts on whether or not we’d shelter Nazi war criminals! What happens when there should be a human femur in a box but then you can’t find femurs? Drinking with Tom Paulin! Other things!

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Podcast Episode 8 – The Suburbs

Podcast Episode 8 - The Suburbs

“Dum de dum dum dah, dum de duhm dum, The Suburbs” sang Arcade Fire on their hit song, The Suburbs. Probably. Don’t pretend you know the lyrics, because you don’t.

Just as those fun-loving Canadians found plenty to say (albeit in the form of tuneful grunts) about the strangeness and banality of suburban life, so too have a great many of the finest cartoonists. Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Charles Burns – all have made their careers poking about at the saddest and strangest parts of suburban life. Let’s talk about that! Read On…

Reading Around Comics – The Best Comics Reference Books

If you’ve ever had the nagging sensation you’re not getting something in comics, or you just want to know more about a broad and complex range of books, genres, characters and creators, you’re certainly not alone. Here to help is a list of the best books to help get to grips with all of the above.

To make this list as broad as possible, I’ve mostly stayed away from books on creating comics – this will be a separate post further down the line. This will focus on comics theory, history, and some broad reference books. A list like this can never be comprehensive – if you think I’ve missed something, leave a comment or shout at us on Twitter. Read On…