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Reading Around Comics – The Best Comics Reference Books

If you’ve ever had the nagging sensation you’re not getting something in comics, or you just want to know more about a broad and complex range of books, genres, characters and creators, you’re certainly not alone. Here to help is a list of the best books to help get to grips with all of the above.

To make this list as broad as possible, I’ve mostly stayed away from books on creating comics – this will be a separate post further down the line. This will focus on comics theory, history, and some broad reference books. A list like this can never be comprehensive – if you think I’ve missed something, leave a comment or shout at us on Twitter. Read On…

The Man Who Laughs

The Man Who Laughs David Hine Mark StaffordArtist: Mark Stafford

Writer: David Hine, adapting Victor Hugo

Any mention of The Man Who Laughs, especially in relation to comics, must start with the fact that the story’s protagonist, the disfigured orphan Gwynplaine, inspired Batman’s nemesis The Joker. With that legal requirement out of the way, let’s look at this graphic novel adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel. Read On…