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Podcast 60 – The Eisner Awards

Podcast 59 – Manga

Podcast Episode 14 – Funny Comics

Funny Comics Podcast

If you went solely by listening to us, you’d be forgiven for thinking that comics were just about punching things and crying in cupboards. Not so! That would be ridiculous. Many of them are hilarious, and here we take a rambling walk through of favourites. Also there’s a thing about sherry. We couldn’t stop him. Read On…

Podcast Episode 11 – The Best Comics of 2013

Podcast Episode 11 - Best Comics of 2013

Holy hell, it’s the end of the year. That means only one thing: lists. Here’s our review of the best comics of 2013, plus some that we didn’t want to leave out so we just included them anyway but talked faster. Read On…

Podcast Episode 6 – Kids’ Comics


As any number of hacks will tell you, comics aren’t just for kids anymore. But have things gone too far the other way? What are the good kids’ comics? And who better to talk about that than three people who are not and do not have children? No one, that’s who. Read On…

Podcast Episode 1 – Webcomics

WebcomicsIn our very first podcast, the gang wrestle with the thorny issue of whether webcomics are any good or not, as well as reflecting on their own ethnic homogeneity and whether Canada’s premier singer-songwriter went blind from indulging in a spot of the old crystal meth: Read On…