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Podcast 26 – Violence (Sorta)

ConSequential Podcast Episode 26 - ViolenceWell, it’s about time that we sold out, and we’re selling out hard. This episode is brought to you in association with two bottles of Apple and Pomegranite Appletiser and lax morals. It is largely about two bottles of Apple and Pomegranite Appletiser and lax morals. And some comics, which are mentioned below. Read On…

Podcast Episode 18 – TCAF

ConSequential Podcast 18: TCAF

Dave’s been in The Canada, attending TCAF, so we talk about comics and comics shows and Canada. We also talk quite a lot about everything that is wrong with society, and some things that are wrong with Star Trek. Read On…

Pregnant Butch – A.K. Summers

With a title like Pregnant Butch, you can probably guess that this is a memoir taking a decidedly non-majority perspective on a pretty common event.

Now, I haven’t looked up the proportion of the population that will at some point vent live young from their undercarriage, but it’s going to be high. High enough, in fact, to lead to one of the most interesting aspects of Pregnant Butch – a world in which everyone has a very solid expectation of what the protagonist’s experiences should be; a world that has to be lived in by that protagonist – regardless of how little she agrees that this is what her experiences manifestly are.

Pregnant Butch - suspenders

Consequentially, each aspect of the experience (pregnant, and butch, if you like) become a kind of contrast medium that lets a reader inspect what’s odd about the other. This is a book about cultural (and medical) attitudes to motherhood, about butch identity and female masculinity, about queer experience in a heteronormative domain, and about the isolation of feeling personally at odds with all of those things while in a situation the world demands that you find wonderful.

Yeah. There’s a lot in here.

Read On…