ConSequential Podcast Episode 71 - More Comics By WomenY’know that shade over half the population who make about ten percent of Big Two comics, probably about half of the rest, and whose work gets about five percent of the attention? Yeah, those folks: women?

You remember women, right – the ones who don’t get to say “I done made a comic” without some internet dickdribble making death threats.

In the spirit of celebrating great work (and of not being that guy), this week we’re spotlighting a bunch of comics with female creators. 

Why not by men? Because we’re PC-brigade, anti-man, white genocide committing, safe-space loving, freedom-hating liberal fascists, of course! Also because fuck you and your barely-veiled misogyny. 

Now shut up and read these lovely comics.

(We’re sorry about the faint background church bells in this episode. If you like, you can think of it as an elaborate performance metaphor about patriarchal religion ruining everything? But mainly, the church down the road would not shut up for about an hour.)

We covered:

Moar Comics!

Some of the lists we used as starting points:

Obviously we’ve missed stuff, and this skews web/current. What else y’all got?