ConSequential Podcast 65 - More Thought Bubble

We’re back from Thought Bubble and here to tell you about the exciting things we picked up – including several hideous diseases! But more than that we got some great new comics and interviewed some interesting creators. Let us tell you what you would have bought if only you had our impeccable taste.

Also we’re sorry about how wet this all sounds. Sorry. About. The. Wet.

We talked to:

  • 15:20 – Tab Kimpton, Discord Comics
  • 21:30 – Harry Bentley & Michael Barr of Dragonhide Studios (and Dragonhoard Publishing)
  • 38:20 – Jade Sarson, For the Love of God Marie, Cafe Suada
  • 48:00 – Faye Simms, The Foldings
  • 52:40 – David Hine, Cowboys and Insects
  • 57:15 – James McKay, Dream of a Low Carbon Future

We read:

Not enough? Roger rounded up his favourite picks from Thought Bubble’s Rainbow Road.