ConSequential Podcast Episode 50 - The Best Comics of 2015Here at the old, we like to think that we cover the very best comics week on week. So it stands to reason that our selections for the best of the year are a rarefied breed indeed, yes? Yes. We’re not saying these books will get you laid, but they probably won’t get you sent to prison either. Great! Plus, someone wins a prize! Could it be you? Yes!*

*Accuracy dependent on competition entry.

We apologise for the occasional high-pitched noise in this episode. It was caused by a particularly acute case of The Clanks. Roger is being exorcised and deloused and it won’t happen again.

Also, for your enjoyment:

  • Christmas recipes!
  • Find out which candy is “disgustingly minty”!
  • Other things as well.
  • You can read all of the competition pitches we received, like we had to.

We covered, in no particular order: