ConSequential Podcast 46 - Comics Continuity

Do you want to get started reading the lycra-clad adventures that Marvel and DC peddle, but you’re put off by the huge gnarled continuity that has built up over the best part of a century? Batman, X-Men, Superman – all have accreted a vast mythology full of plot holes, reboots, crises many and various, but fear not – we’re here to help with some surefire techniques to get you past the initial confusion, and to make sure you find the good stuff. Thanks to Tom Howard on Twitter for the setup.

Leap straight to the 1 hour, 1 minute mark if it’s just that that you’re after, or stick around for: plenty of new things! A series of crimes done in Dave’s house! An introduction to homebrewing! Haikus! The secret history of nutmeg! Who could want more? It’s a bumper episode!

We covered:

The suggestions for starting points:

Even Batman knows Cyclops is a dick.