ConSequential Podcast 29 - Thought Bubble Interviews

We’re back from Thought Bubble and we’re bringing the fruits of our work – specifically several interviews – to you. Plus we wrap up all the lovely comicky things we loaded the car with.

Kingpin Books (at 28:35)

Mario Freitas runs this Portuguese comic shop and publisher, and we spoke to him about the Lisbon comics scene and their English-language anthology, Crumbs.

Hound (at 37:40)

We spoke to writer and artist Paul Bolger about his Kickstarter-backed take on the Cu Chulainn myth. This book genuinely looks stunning.

Mindstain (at 44:20)

George Joy and Rob Burton tell us about their studio and comics.

(Correction: we’re idiots and originally attributed the interview to Rob and Sarah. It wasn’t Sarah, and we should really do our homework. Sorry folks)

Improper Books (at 50:50)

Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose talked to us about the latest instalment of their Porcelain series, as well as how they operate as an independent outfit.

We also looked at:

And that artist we mentioned was the very talented Katie Foster – you can see her Cu Chulainn designs there.