Podcast 25 – Time Travel

ConSequential Podcast Epsiode 25 - Time Travel

This week we tackle one of the philosophical and scientific big questions – should you date a man who willingly drinks Drambuie? Also we talk about time travel comics! But mostly that first thing.

Podcast 24: So. Many. Questions.

Podcast 24 - So Many Questions

This week we field sensible and well-thought-out questions sent in by listeners! Learn what we think about Beyonce M.O.D.O.K., which comic book characters we relate to, how an apple-flavoured lightly-sparkling apple juice drink ruined a young man’s life, and what was in a different, horrible drink. Join us and learn! Read On…

Podcast Episode 23 – Spies

Podcast 22 – Englishness, National Character and S.J. Harris

ConSequential Podcast Episode 22 - Englishness With S.J. Harris

Who better to talk about national character in comics with than S.J. Harris, author of the extremely English Eustace, one of our favourite books of last year? And where better to record that than Rules, ludicrous cocktail bar and oldest restaurant in London? No one and nowhere, that’s who/what.

There’s a fair bit of noise in this one – it was recorded in a bar, there was another bar outside, a hen party within, a perpetually-circling police helicopter overhead (Roger recently threatened the king of Spain in an elaborate and unsavoury fashion), and to be brutally honest we were just eating bar snacks the whole time with no regard for decorum or your delicate ears. We can only apologise. Read On…

Podcast Episode 21 – Music

ConSequential Podcast 21 - Music With The Wicked and the Divine out, we look at some other comics that touch on music, or have music at their core, as well as ranting about publishing and hearing about the time Dave nearly had a breakdown in a supermarket when Avril Lavigne came on the radio.

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This One Summer – Jillian & Mariko Tamaki

Did you ever have a place you always went to on family holidays? Passing landmarks and well-worn jokes in an over-hot car on the way, running down to a beach, making a campfire like you always did, seeing those friends you somehow never wrote to in the autumn?

No, nor did I. Or at least, never quite. But it’s a powerful image. That familiar childhood holiday; lazy, comfortable little memories repeating in rose-tint, until this one summer.

This One Summer - gummy

I love that cadence. The tone of the title hits it spot on, and it’s carried through on the voice of the book – This One Summer, when…

When what, exactly? The lazy version would be “when childhood ended”, and plenty of coming-of-age reminiscence tales give us that. But This One Summer ducks the temptation, playing out instead the little heartaches and explorations of its childhood scenes against a more conventional drama. The big stuff, the sex and death stuff, happens around the protagonists, and we see it largely as they do, like some half-expected storm over the beach.

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Three reasons we’re going to Thought Bubble

Thought Bubble ticketMy tickets for Thought Bubble arrived today. It’s five months away, but I’m already childishly excited. Heck, I booked tickets as soon as I saw they’d been released.


The short answer: because it kicks enough arse to win a mid-to-heavyweight, quantitatively-measured arse kicking contest. Really: a lot of arse is getting kicked here. Non-trivial amounts.

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Podcast Episode 20 – Comics Unmasked

Podcast 20 - Comics Unmasked

This week we’re missing Lucy, but those that remain are joined by the fragrant and delightful Graham Sleight, who brings a certain air of professionalism not usually found in our parade of dick jokes. We’ve all been to see the Comics Unmasked exhibition at the British Library, as well as taking in ELCAF and a spot of light reading. Read On…

Podcast Episode 19 – Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly - Podcast Episode 19

This week we look at Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios’ Pretty Deadly in depth, as well as the recently-reissued gay/civil-rights graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby. This week we were all sober. This week you might occasionally hear the crude verbal seepings of a mind come untethered from decency and reality. Read On…

Podcast Episode 18 – TCAF

ConSequential Podcast 18: TCAF

Dave’s been in The Canada, attending TCAF, so we talk about comics and comics shows and Canada. We also talk quite a lot about everything that is wrong with society, and some things that are wrong with Star Trek. Read On…