Podcast Episode 30 – Best Comics of 2014

Podcast Episode 29 – Thought Bubble Interviews

ConSequential Podcast 29 - Thought Bubble Interviews

We’re back from Thought Bubble and we’re bringing the fruits of our work – specifically several interviews – to you. Plus we wrap up all the lovely comicky things we loaded the car with. Read On…

Thought Bubble 2014 – Roger’s comics haul

This weekend, as has probably be annoyingly obvious from our Twitter account, we went to Thought Bubble. It was aces.

If you spent the weekend hiding under a rock, or just muted the hashtag because you didn’t want to hear about my hangover, Thought Bubble is a fantastic comics con in Leeds. It’s been growing like crazy, and is now a brain-buggeringly vast opportunity to discover new comics, talk to comics creators, and make a right old tit of yourself on a dancefloor.

Roger's Thought Bubble swag

Roger’s haul o’ comics

Here’s a quick run-down on what we bought, what we liked, what we missed, and possibly some other things as well.

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Podcast Episode 27 – Violence (For Real This Time)

ConSequential Podcast Episode 27 - Violence

Comics have always been violent, and while early comics broadly focussed on Hitler getting punched on the jaw or lovesick cats being pelted with bricks, extreme violence has gone through peaks and troughs and sparked the odd moral panic along the way. We look at how violence is portrayed in comics, and where it works and doesn’t. Read On…

Wytches #1 – Scott Snyder & Jock

Wytches 1 - coverThe first issue of Wytches is a striking thing. Part of what I’m thinking of as a current strain of graphic-design-influenced comics, it uses layout and a rich play of digital colouring and texture to create something really quite unusual. It’s also heavily infused with a kind of Southern Gothic creepiness, the vibe of small communities and close-pressing forests that is absolutely my narrative catnip.

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Podcast 26 – Violence (Sorta)

ConSequential Podcast Episode 26 - ViolenceWell, it’s about time that we sold out, and we’re selling out hard. This episode is brought to you in association with two bottles of Apple and Pomegranite Appletiser and lax morals. It is largely about two bottles of Apple and Pomegranite Appletiser and lax morals. And some comics, which are mentioned below. Read On…

Podcast 25 – Time Travel

ConSequential Podcast Epsiode 25 - Time Travel This week we tackle one of the philosophical and scientific big questions – should you date a man who willingly drinks Drambuie? Also we talk about time travel comics! But mostly that first thing. Read On…

Podcast 24: So. Many. Questions.

Podcast 24 - So Many Questions

This week we field sensible and well-thought-out questions sent in by listeners! Learn what we think about Beyonce M.O.D.O.K., which comic book characters we relate to, how an apple-flavoured lightly-sparkling apple juice drink ruined a young man’s life, and what was in a different, horrible drink. Join us and learn! Read On…